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2022-06-18 18:13:34 By : Mr. Kelvin Shum

Want to renovate your house single-handedly? Snatch a glimpse of these must have before planning your interiors.

Every home needs a makeover after a period of time. DIY home renovations give you the itch to upgrade your standard of living in the easiest way possible. We have listed down everything that you need to renovate your house single handedly. Now you don't have to spend a lump sum amount on interior decorators. Plan it your way and execute it in a jiffy. Check out some modern ways to get started.

1. Self Adhesive Sticker Wallpaper

Wall textures magnify the beauty of home and set an outline of your home decor story. Every textured wall makes your house look aesthetic. Now wall textures are made easy with the introduction of Self Adhesive Sticker Wallpaper. They are easy to apply, remove, heat resistant, waterproof and surprisingly eco-friendly.

You will be speechless after discovering the joy of DIY spray painting. This spray paint bottle has a 50 percent faster drying formula and leaves back a glossy shine after every spray. Now you can spray paint wooden furniture, metals, walls and canvas. All you have to do is spray 2 to 3 coats of paint after every 1 or 2 minutes interval and you are done with the painting schedule of your home. 

This masking tape is highly beneficial in resting abstract designs on the wall. You can also frame an outline so that you dont spray paint in unwanted regions of your house. This masking tape is an easy tear tape suitable for labelling, painting and masking surfaces and areas. In addition, it does not leave any sticky residue after peeling off. 

4. DIY Home Wall Painting Kit

If you aren't a spray painting person, then this DIY Home Wall Painting Kit is exclusively designed for you. It contains a roller, sponge block, brush, painting tray and a masking tape. Now you have adequate tools for perfect old school painting. It is a user-friendly kit that comes with a user manual for mastering the art of wall paintings. 

5. Electric Paint Spray Gun Paint Machine

If you cannot reach every nook and corner of the house or furniture, then bring this Electric Paint Spray Gun Paint Machine. It can paint cars, wooden furniture and every inaccessible corner of your home. It has a multi-directional nozzle spray with stroke adjustments. In addition, the simple one touch operation of the device will make you enjoy painting sessions to the fullest.

Who needs an interior decorator when you can master the art sitting at home? These house renovating essentials will make you a pro in wall painting and texturing. You can now show off flawless creativite skills and enjoy a mesmerising house makeover in a pocket friendly way.

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